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Nomad PMS is a intuitive and Easy to use Property Management Software the following Modules:- Front Desk, Point of Sale,Banqueting and Coference,Inventory and Accounts that guarantees consistent and long term service.Backed by a reliable and long lasting Hardware offering, the Systems is a Complete Solution form Hotels,Restaurant and Bars.

Speed and Efficiency

Nomad POS is designed to process transactions quickly, allowing faster serving of customers hence increasing sales.Nomad POS powers restaurants around the world. Increase revenue, reduce costs and use industry-leading insights and analitics to make data-based decisions

Security and Privacy

Built on the latest technologies with advanced security features,data encryptions and secure login credentials with multiple login options such as Code or Card to protect against fraud and data breaches.Backups are also encrypted and stored securely.

Technical Support

We Offers 24/7 technical support to help you troubleshoot any technical and operational issues to ensure your business runs smoothly at all times.We also provide initial setup and user training to ensure that your staff operation is optimum from day one.

Serve your customers Better with Nomad POS

Nomad POS is 60% faster than other leading POS systems in the Market this means fewer steps to POST an order for your staff leading to faster service for your customers.

Nomad POS is designed for all restaurant concepts such as Coffee and Cafes,bars,pizzerias,First Food and Fine Dining Restaurants

Point of Sales

Designed and Optimised for use with Touch Screen to increase speed efficiency in service operations, place an order with just 3 clicks

Inventory Management

Record invetory Items,Purchases, Issues and Other invetory operations to ensure that materials are available when they are required for a better customer experience.

Reporting and Statistics

Nomad POS enables you generate insightful reports on your sales, costs and staff perfomance.Make data driven decisions from the detailed and simplified analytics that are simple to understand

Payment and Check-out Integrations

Improve your customer Experience with a fast and hustle free Checkout Process using Mobile Money and Credit Card Integrations that bring you data to your fingertips.

Kitchen Display Units(KDS)

Nomad POS is the epitome of Paperless operations.With an Easy to use KDS you can run your kitchen with Zero KOT Printers by deploying our KDS System.

Alerts and Notifications

Get Concise and time Reports straight from NomadPOS into your Mail box using NomadSend.Access you daily operations using Nomad Live from your Phone,Laptop or Tablet.

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A Restaurant POS system designed for flexible and Faster customer service

Running your Restaurant business has never been simpler with Nomad POS software that empowers you with the right tools to keep ahead of the pack.


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Support is Prompt and Timely from the Nomad Team,I am never worried about business continuity.


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My job is easy to do thanks to Nomad Inventory Control, I get alerts from the System on my Inventory Levels.

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My customers and Clients are happy with the Services provided by the Nomad Team.

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